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  •   Filtered Water   Filtered Water in Woodbury Minnesota Should I utilize a drinking water filter in Woodbury, MN? Absolutely! That is because everybody should be utilizing a drinking water filter according to the 2010 Presidents Cancer Panel. In Today's day and age there is no reason not to have a drinking water filter. Remember, our great cities such as Woodbury are doing their best combat natural and unnatural contamination of our drinking water. However, that does [...]

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  • Lead in your home's drinking water -

    Recently, elevated lead levels have been found in the drinking water of homes in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the wake of these findings here are some basic reminders regarding lead in our water. Lead is a contaminant we do not want in our drinking water. The EPA has set a Maximum Contamination Level (MCL) of 15ppb (Parts Per Billion) for lead in water. However, the goal for zero health risk is to have 0ppb, also known as the MCLG. This goal should be used for drinking water consumption, especially with children.

  • Saltless Water Softeners; Too Good To Be True? Isn't technology great? With the internet, we can research and find out exactly what we want in a company, product or service. [...]

  • With advancements in water treatment technologies, removing nitrates from drinking water is a relatively simple process. However, it is important to use the proper nitrate removal method. For example; Nitrates cannot [...]

  • Drinking Softened Water: How Much Sodium in Softened Water? For those who own a water softener or are thinking about purchasing one, you may have wondered how much sodium is [...]

  • How to decide whether or not you need a twin tank softener Twin Tank Water Softeners certainly have their place, and if money was no object I may even have one [...]

  • Water Softener Rental: What to do? This is a fairly common question I receive as water softeners are almost always required to preserve plumbing and appliances as well as improving quality [...]

  • A Water Treatment Professional’s Take on Potassium for a Water Softener The standard water softening salt you may find at the gas station or supermarket is Sodium Chloride, commonly sold as [...]

  • Iron and Manganese are common well water problems in Minnesota. This post features a new customer of Merles Water Conditioning who moved from out of state to North Oaks, MN [...]