Filtering your water can decrease exposure to harmful contaminants

The technologies available for drinking water filtration vary greatly. A professional consultation will ensure you are getting the right product to address your water problem and concerns.

Drinking water quality is vital! Merle’s Water Conditioning is dedicated to educating our professionals, expanding our credentials and providing the world’s leading technologies.

Choosing the right technology

There any many different technologies available. Your standard “pitcher” or “faucet” filter may be adequate for CTO (Chlorine, Taste and Odor), but will not address potential contaminants such as Nitrates, Arsenic, Fluoride, Bacteria, Sodium, Etc.

Because of the vast difference in technology and the way the technologies work, you are encouraged to discuss your drinking water needs with a water treatment professional.

Common Water Filtration Technologies

Ultra Violet Disinfection
  • Kills harmful organisms without altering chemistry or taste

  • Chemical-free

Reverse Osmosis
  • Removes many impurities with a single system

  • Affordable

Carbon Filtration
  • Effectively removes common impurities, and unwanted taste/color

  • Advanced systems can remove VOCs, PCBs, lead and some heavy metals

  • Will not remove dissolved minerals in the water

  • Heats water into vapor and collects condensate, leaving impurities behind

  • Less convenient/affordable than some other methods

Would you like more information about a filtration option or are you simply ready to make a purchase?