Is a city water filter right for you?

City Water (Municipally Sourced) water has certain benefits, such as constant water pressure, city-run maintenance, and generally good water quality that meets EPA standards.

However, this doesn’t mean that water is free of unwanted contaminants. It also usually contains a common disinfectant of chlorine/bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite).

In some cities or locations within your city like being close to a water tower or pump house, chlorine can be undesirably high. This can lead to dry skin and hair, and increase your exposure towards carcinogens.

See our most popular city water filters below!


The ultimate in city water filters, the PIONEER by Enpress is 3rd party certified for LEAD, CYST, PFAS/PFOS, Chlorine and Chloramine. Drinking water grade filter for the entire house.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6 – DMT

The ProMate 6 – DMT model has softening and filtering in one. It is a great option when higher quality water is desired and when budget or space is restricted.

Hellenbrand ProMate 6 – CSC

The ProMate 6 Carbon Filter System is very effective at chlorine removal by having a dedicated system for filtering. This increases contact time with the chemical removing activated carbon greatly improving reduction capability. Additionally, this self-cleaning model eliminates the need for frequent carbon filter changes.

Enpress E3 Cartridge Tank

With 6.5 times more surface area than the leading “large filter cartridge 4.5×20”, the Enpress ONE Series filter cartridges have long life with low pressure drop. Reduce filter change frequency without losing water quality.

Trojan AWP52B-V

This cartridge based solution is a great way to improve water quality while saving space and budget. Although filter change maintenance is required, more fine debris can be caught in cartridge style filters due to their unique “carbon block design”.