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Shopping for the best water softening system for your home? We’ve been doing the research for over 57 years and would love to share the results.

By understanding your water quality, needs and expectations, we can recommend the system that will provide the best results, last the longest, and ultimately, provide the best value.

Not sure if you should repair or replace your current water softener?

The age of your system, water and salt use efficiency, and frequency of breakdowns are all major factors when considering replacement of your old water softener. Many customers are surprised to learn that their old system can actually cost them money when compared to newer high efficient systems. Merle’s Water Conditioning can repair many brands of water softeners or replace it should that be the right decision.

Our team of water experts can give you straight forward advise on whether you should repair or replace your existing system.

Which Premium Water Softening System is Right for You?

Twin Tank Water Softeners

Twin tank water softeners work the same as traditional water softeners, but are designed to provide softened water during regeneration (self-cleaning cycle). Most popular for large homes and families, twin tank systems also use less salt and regenerate with treated water.

  • Highest flow rate

  • Self-cleaning cycle
  • Uses less salt

  • Great for large homes and families

High Efficiency Water Softeners

High efficiency water softening systems work the same as traditional water softeners, but have a much more efficient regeneration process. Salt and water use can be cut by as much as half or more by switching to a high efficiency water softening system.

  • High efficiency
  • Reduces water and salt use

  • Single tank design
  • Best for homes with lower water usage

Standard Water Softeners

Hellenbrand ProMate 1

Our standard water softeners feature premium components for long term reliability and are on demand making them much more efficient than timer based “salt hogs”. Perfect for those wanting a premium system at a great value.

  • Long term reliability
  • Great value

  • On demand softening

  • Less salt use than timer based system

Economy Water Softeners

Putting budget first doesn’t mean you have to buy poor quality. Our economy systems are reliable, efficient and affordable.

  • Most affordable
  • Reliable and efficient

  • Single tank design

  • On demand softening

Would you like more information about a particular type of softener option or are you simply ready to make a purchase?