Water Quality in Lake Elmo, Minnesota

The water hardness in Lake Elmo averages about 15 grains, depending on location.

Lake Elmo’s water is supplied by two wells that are supplied from the Prairie Du Chien-Jordan and Jordan aquifers. Thew wells range between 285 to 290 feet deep. Chlorine and fluoride are added to the city water supply to comply with standards set out by the Department of Health.

Lake Elmo’s Public Works complies with the Minnesota Department of Health for the testing of over 100 regulated water contaminants, as well as select unregulated contaminants. These contaminants can include Sodium and Sulfate.

As of the latest released water report, there were no violations in regulated contaminants in Lake Elmo’s water. However, homes with aging plumbing or those concerned about chlorine and fluoride may benefit from drinking water filtration systems. Water softeners are also a common need for improved cleaning of laundry and dishes.

(Information Provided By the City Of Lake Elmo)

Report Data – January 1 – December 31, 2018