Water Quality in Maplewood, MN

Maplewood does not have a city operated water utility. Residents of the area obtain their water through the neighboring of five different local municipal water providers or through private wells.

The majority of Maplewood residents source their water from St. Paul Regional Water Services ( SPRWS ). But other community residences may source their water from the other 4 bordering communities.

Each water service provider is responsible for monitoring the quality of their water, following the EPA regulations on over 100 contaminants. Many water contaminants are due to the erosion of naturally occurring deposits of minerals. Other contaminants can also find their way into your water through road runoff, storm sewers, and surface water.

Water for the surrounding water providers and well sourced water measures high on the hardness scale. As a result, many residence will utilize water softeners to reduce stiff feeling laundry and mineral deposits on their dishes.

If you live in Maplewood and are interested in the water quality of your home, please check your water service provider and check out their water report from the links below.

If your not sure which service provides your water or want to test it out for yourself, give Merle’s Water Conditioning a call for a  free water quality testing. We have been helping Maplewood residence with water softening and water filtration since 1959.