Water Quality in Woodbury, Minnesota

The majority Woodbury’s water system is city-owned and operated. The water supply comes from wells that pump approximately 24,500 gallons per minute. That is a per day capacity of 32.5 million gallons.

The water hardness in Woodbury ranges from 13 grains to 18 grains, depending on location. This is considered very hard water and water softeners are commonly used at these levels.

PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) have been an ongoing concern with Woodbury water. Begining in 2023, Woodbury has plans to build a temporary treatment facility and a long term permanent facility.


Drinking water filtration should be used by everyone in every city according to the 2010 President’s Anti-Cancer Panel Findings. Woodbury is working hard to develop plans to continue providing safe drinking water to all of its residents. This does not mean that water in any city is free of any and all potential contaminants.

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