Water Quality in Woodbury, Minnesota

The water hardness in Woodbury ranges from 13 grains to 18 grains, depending on location.

The majority Woodbury’s water system is city-owned and operated. The water supply comes from wells that pump approximately 24,500 gallons per minute. That is a per day capacity of 32.5 million gallons. Auxiliary water supplies are provided by five water towers and a ground water reservoir.

Woodbury’s Utility Division follows Minnesota Department of Health for the testing of over 100 regulated water contaminants. Woodbury also treats for several unregulated contaminants including Sodium and Sulfate. The City of Woodbury provides more information about PFAs within the Woodbury water supply.

If you are concerned about PFCs / PFAs in your drinking water, contact Merle’s Water Conditioning. We provide a complimentary water testing service and have whole house water filtration systems that are capable of filtering out PFCs and other contaminants from your drinking water.

(Information Provided By the City Of Woodbury)