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Whole house water filtration is a general term referring to improving water quality for the whole house. Depending on the water problem, specific water filtration technologies are used to address them. Chlorine, sand, arsenic, iron, bacteria and odor are examples of water problems that require their own specific treatment.

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Choosing the Right Product for Your Home

Different water problems will often require different solutions. 


Chlorine Filters

Almost every city in Minnesota utilizes chlorine as a disinfectant to protect against bacteria. It is important the city does this to keep the water safe. However, chlorine is a strong chemical with negative side effects, such as damaging to water softeners, toilet flappers, drying out skin and hair, and is associated with the creation of other compounds that are known carcinogens.


Iron Filters

Water Softeners and Sediment filters together can be effective for iron removal. For some of you, your iron problem may be too much for even the best water softener. Iron filters are designed to precipitate iron and strain it out of the water. Using an iron filter before a water softener will effectively eliminate iron staining, dramatically reduce salt usage and give your water softener a longer life.


Sand & Sediment Filters

Sand, sediment, heavy particles, iron and other debris can make its way into your water. Simple mechanical strainers, separators or filter cartridges can be an easy way to eliminate the problem.

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