Water Quality in Hudson, WI

The water hardness in Hudson is reported to average between 11 and 12 grains per gallon from city provided water. This measurement may vary based on your location and water source. Those with private wells will likely have much higher hardness than filtered and softened water provided by the city.

Anything over 10 grains per gallon is considered hard / very hard and can result in mineral deposits on dishes and stiff feeling laundry. If you have noticed these issues, contact Merle’s Water Conditioning for a free water analysis or ask us about our water softeners.

Hudson’s Public Utilities is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the water supply for Hudson residents. Though some residents and properties may obtain their water through private wells.

If your property maintains it’s own well, we recommend integrating water filtration to limit and reduce contaminants both naturally occurring and manufactured. We provide complimentary water testing service and even have water filtration systems that can filter harmful chemicals and contaminants from your water.

The water supply is comprised of 9 different wells that pull water from the Jordan and Mount Simon aquifers. In addition to the 9 wells, the Hudson water system also includes 7 water storage reservoirs. Hudson maintains 8 water treatment plants that filter the water for contaminants from naturally occurring substances as well as microbial and manufactured chemicals.

Hudson’s Public Utilities tests drinking water for more than 100 state and federally regulated contaminants. The drinking water in Hudson Wisconsin contains both chlorine, fluoride, and other by-products from water treatment.

Hudson’s water supply meets or exceeds all Federal and State water quality requirements with no violations of any regulated contaminants within water samples taken in 2018.

Hudson’s Public Works department also monitors unregulated substances, including sodium and sulfate. These unregulated contaminants do not have legal limits for drinking water.

(Information Provided by Hudson Public Utilities)

Report Data – Published Summer 2019