Iron and Manganese are common well water problems in Minnesota.

This post features a new customer of Merles Water Conditioning who moved from out of state to North Oaks, MN and has encountered a water supply rich in iron and manganese. Upon moving in, toilets and fixtures became iron stained. With his wife and kids making the move to Minnesota in the near future, the water problem must be solved!

The water tested very hard and had significant amounts iron and manganese. Their outdated Culligan water softener was no match for this large home with trouble water. The size of this home was in important factor in properly recommending a system that would handle the demands, but was only one piece to the puzzle.

The water was very rusty in appearance with sand particulate present in the lower edges of the bucket.  Discolored water such as this indicated a presence of oxidized iron. Oxidized, or red water iron can cause numerous problems within a water softener. The sand would eventually cause failure of an ordinary water softening system.

Knowing what I was up against, it was time to make a recommendation that would leave this Homeowner excited for his water and leave a positive experience with Merles Water Conditioning:

The Hellenbrand ProMate 6 Iron Curtain was the only option I was comfortable with recommending to handle this customer’s needs, which would treat the iron and odor in the water without the use of chemicals. This chemical free iron filter is the best technology Merles Water Conditioning has worked with in over 53 years experience. The Iron Filter recommendation was followed by a heavy duty Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener that would remove hardness and work as a great polisher.

After being awarded the job it was time to get to work! The old softener was removed and it is very clear that the iron was problematic, starting to choke off the plumbing. Pressure loss was another complaint in this home, which is not hard to believe after looking at these photos.

The finished product looked and performed great.

The robust dual stage iron filter system is ideal for the job which will thoroughly oxidize, then filter the iron. After the installation was complete and the system was up and running it was time to see how it was performing. It was exciting to see the end product free of iron and odor and Merles Water Conditioning is pleased to have another happy customer.

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