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Hard Water in Woodbury Minnesota

Some of the hardest water in the Twin Cities Metro can be found in Woodbury Minnesota. The water in Woodbury comes from deep underground water sources known as aquifers. Woodbury taps into one of the largest aquifers in Minnesota called the Jordan which is approximately 400-500 feet deep. When extracting water from deep underground rock structures, it is prone to be rich in hard water causing minerals, calcium and magnesium.

Depending on your location in Woodbury, the water hardness ranges from 14 to 18 grains per gallon, which is considered extremely hard.

Treating Woodbury’s Hard Water

The easiest and most effective way to treat hard water is by utilizing a traditional water softening system. Water Softeners are continuously improving and Today, HE models use 50% less water and salt than standard models. Softeners remove calcium and magnesium which will eliminate the ability for scaling of plumbing and appliances. By physically removing hard water minerals from the water, you will also gain additional benefits such as improved soap suds, brighter whites and cleaner clothes and softer skin and hair.


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