Is It Time To Replace Or Upgrade Your Water Filtration System?

If you’ve considered upgrading your water softener or filters in your home, you probably have good reason. White crust forming in sinks, stained appliances, popping/crackling sounds coming from the water heater, or foul odors in your water are all things most homeowner’s have experienced at one time or another. If your water softener or filter is over a decade old, you may be experiencing¬†the same.

A few things to remember about your water treatment equipment:

These appliances are under constant use and will not last forever. Mechanical components will wear over time and problem water can accelerate the deterioration.

City Water: The biggest enemy of your water softener is chlorine. Chlorine is a strong oxidizer used to keep your water free of bacteria and virus. However, chlorine will break down the softening media and mechanical components just like swimming pools do to goggles or swim suits.

Well Water: Water Softeners can do a good job removing iron and manganese from the water, but can also do a lot of damage to a water softener. Cleaners and additives can be used to help prevent damage and increase performance. Iron fouled softening media will typically need to be replaced along with mechanical wear parts.

If your original investment was in a quality system, preventative maintenance or repairs can usually be made to get your system working again. One great setup option includes an Iron Filters to remove iron and odor, plus a Water Softener to reduce hard water (calcium and magnesium) and give the water a final polish.

With this setup, the water softener will no longer work overtime handling iron, manganese and hardness. With the iron filter providing great relief, salt reduction will be reduced 60% (depending on levels of iron in the water) and the life of the water softener can be greatly increased.

How Long Will A Water Softener Last?

This is dependent on water quality; how much water is being used and the quality of water softener purchased. Big Box Store or Lesser Quality Systems can often need to be replaced in 5 years or sooner. Professional quality systems can last on average 12-15 years.

What has changed with water softeners in the last 10-20 Years?

Today’s water softeners are almost always metered or known as “On Demand”, meaning they will regenerate and clean them selves when needed based on how much water has been used rather than on a fixed schedule. Today’s water softeners can save more than 50% of salt and water.

Water Softeners can now do more than just softener water. If you are on city water you may want to consider a ProMate 6- DMT (Dual Media Technology) that will filter chlorine and softener your water in one system. Advanced Water Softeners such as the ProMate 6 will log your water usage history and automatically adjust itself based on your usages. This system also comes configured with an enhanced cleaning system, commercial grade softening media and built in maintenance.

Would you like more information or are you ready to make a purchase?