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Filtered Water in Woodbury Minnesota

Should I utilize a drinking water filter in Woodbury, MN? Absolutely!

That is because everybody should be utilizing a drinking water filter according to the 2010 Presidents Cancer Panel. In Today’s day and age there is no reason not to have a drinking water filter. Remember, our great cities such as Woodbury are doing their best combat natural and unnatural contamination of our drinking water. However, that does not mean that the water you are drinking is free of potentially harmful contaminants. For example, the EPA will allow a city to have up to 5.4 pCi/l Radium in the water, known as the MCL (Maximum Contamination Level). The MCLG (Maximum Contamination Level Goal), which is the goal for zero health risk,  is 0.0 pCi/l for Radium. In 2021 Woodbury reported the highest level detected of 2.9 pCi/l.

It is great that we have regulatory bodies ensuring there are caps on contaminant levels and a diligent city that is testing and reporting to us. But once that report is received in your hand, how many unwanted contaminants have you consumed? How many people consumed PFAS Forever chemicals before the technology even existed to be able to test for PFAS? Unfortunately, a lot.

There is a simple solution to existing and future contaminants, some of which may exist and some we are not aware of it yet and that is to filter your drinking water!

Water Testing Data in Woodbury

Every year, as required by the EPA, your city will release an annual Consumer Confidence Report. These usually contain a few of the required contaminants for that testing year. Additionally, Merle’s Water Conditioning has access to data collected throughout many different homes through SimpleLab’s database.

Woodbury’s Annual Test report can be found here.

SimpleLab Database for Woodbury can be found here.

Choosing a filtration technology

There are various drinking water technologies that exist  Today with vastly different capabilities. These range from standard carbon filtration that will remove chlorine and improve taste and odors to advanced purification devices such as reverse osmosis that will remove dissolved substances 1000X smaller than E.Coli Bacteria. These drinking water filters can be installed underneath the kitchen sink, with or without a dedicated faucet, or installed out of the way in the basement with filtered water lines ran up to the kitchen and ice maker. There are also options for whole house filtration providing drinking water quality to every tap in the home.

Merle’s Water Conditioning would be happy to provide a free in home visit to review filtration options and configurations for your home. Contact us to speak with a consultant or to schedule your no cost or obligation visit Today!

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