Water Softener Rental: What to do?

This is a fairly common question I receive as water softeners are almost always required to preserve plumbing and appliances as well as improving quality of life in Minnesota. Deciding whether or not Water Softener Rental makes sense isn’t always going to be a clear-cut decision. The most important thing for those who have hard water is to install a water softener. Whether its renting or purchasing, the benefits and savings will pay for the purchase or monthly rent. For those who are ready to get a water softener, here are the two main things to consider:

What is the quality of my water?

This is important because it may determine what kind of maintenance or service frequency your softener will require.

Well Water

Those with a private well may experience tough water conditions such as iron, hydrogen sulfide, sand or sediment. These properties can drastically reduce softener lifespan and may lead to malfunction. Proper pre-treatment of these items can greatly improve the life of the water softener.
The picture to the right shows a water softener component that has become plugged with iron causing the water softener to stop working.

City Water

For the most part, Homeowner’s with city water shouldn’t expect water with properties that will cause immediate failure to a water softener. For those of you with high chlorine levels, this will wear internal components on water softeners and should be considered. Pre-filtration to remove the chlorine can greatly improve the life of the water softener and improve water quality for your family.

If your water quality is fair aside from hard water, you may not be able to take full advantage of the service or repairs typically included in water softening rentals.

What is my budget?

There was a time when I did not consider a water softener because of my financial budget. Knowing what I know now, I simply can’t afford not to have one. Those who do not have the capital to purchase a *quality water softener, renting may be for you. Some companies such as Merles Water Conditioning in North St. Paul, MN have affordable rental water softeners with purchase options where you can receive credit you’ve paid toward the purchase.

*Budget water softeners can last as little as 1/3 of the life of a professional grade water softening system.

The Bottom Line

You can’t go wrong with either renting or purchasing a water softener, it will pay for itself. When it comes to renting or purchasing a water softener, I recommend consulting with a water softening professional that will provide a free water analysis with no obligation to purchase. From there you will be able to determine the quality of your water and get an idea of what kind of maintenance may be required.

Purchasing your system from a reputable company like Merles Water Conditioning, will provide you with the correct water treatment system and the recommendations to keep your water softener lasting many years with trouble free service.

Would you like more information or are you ready to make a purchase?